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New workshop available!

12th Scale Apples

by Le Mini di Claudia

Available until 5th May!

Pasta in 12th Scale

Over 10 types of pasta


The Online School doors are open 24/7/365!

You can do amazing things!

And you have arrived at the perfect place,  where your creativity knows no bounds!

Here, at the School, the extraordinary happens every day.

Workshops designed to build unique masterpieces, courses that refine your techniques and skills, and expert guidance on how to transform your passion for art into a thriving business.

Learn from incredible artisans and artists, mentors who see the immense potential in every stroke, every color, every small detail.

Your mini ideas don’t stop here: they evolve, take shape in ways you never imagined and, if you want, they can also become your way of life.

Find time for yourself. Dive into a world of creativity, mastery, and success. Give yourself the wonderful experience you deserve.

let’s get started

The school at a glance

Art in Miniature

Roomboxes, Furniture, Dollhouses, Food, Accessories, Kits, Courses, webinars and more

Techniques & Skills

For precise and detailed work in miniature like airbrushing, 3D printing and more


How to start and improve your own business as an Artisan. Etsy shop, Website and more

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A tea with pastries…

Like at home!

You will not only find courses, but also a warm and welcoming community. We share ideas, solve problems together and celebrate each member’s achievements.

It’s a place where collaboration, inspiration and fun travel with us at every step.

So a huge welcome hug for you!

and now…

Feel the sensation

Some of the fun and fantastic sensations you will find here



Learning wrapped in your favorite blanket or pajama.

It’s fantastic!




Create, study or assembly when you feel most inspired.

No more sticking to fixed schedules!



Complete control over your learning pace.

Review as much as you want whenever you want!




All courses just a click away from anywhere in the world.

No matter where you are!


Let’s hear from the real Stars

I can’t thank Bel enough! Your course has changed my life.

The quality and support provided were exceptional. I have now turned my passion into a successful business. I’ll reback for more.

This school is a treasure for any Artisan!


Course: “Handmade trade: The Success of Craft Sales”

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