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From Hobby to Business

Jan 2024 | Entrepreneurship Articles

Today I’m going to talk to you!

You who want to turn your hobby and your passion into your business and your way of life.

Can you turn your love of crafts into a successful online craft business?

Of course!

Will it be easy and fast?

Of course not!


What if you could benefit from the experience and learn from the mistakes that a person in the craft world like you made?

It seems very valuable to me to be able to have all this information from someone who not only explains the theory to you but also lives from it every day of his life.

And I hope to be able to do it for many more years!

The below banner is from my own business Bel’s Mini World.

If you want and have some minutes, you can click on it or here and have a look at my wonderful gallery! 😍


This is what I wish I had found myself many years ago when I started. It would have saved me a lot of time and money invested in the business.

For many years I have helped many people with my experience both in the world of miniatures and in the handmade business and got excellent feedback from them with suggestions telling me that it would be great if I taught courses, so here it is!

After a lot of time and effort the school is ready, where all my experience, and that from many other professionals who will join the school to collaborate, is yours.

Today, as we talk about business, I will tell you that I have had an advantage, since before arriving to the world of miniatures and handmade I was dedicated to the business management.

So here I am going to put my more than twenty years of experience in business management, and also more than ten years in the world of miniatures.

In the School you’ll find courses about:

The Art in Miniature

Where we’ll assemble roomboxes, furniture, dollhouses and much more, through courses or tutorials.


Techniques & Skills

Where we’ll share with you techniques, tips and tricks that will help you bring these little wonders and many other projects to life.

And the section we’re talking about today, which is:


Where we’ll explore together how to bring your idea to life. From creating your own online shop (with Etsy or your own Website Shop or other server) to promoting your products, we’ll help you bring your creativity to the world.

Here you’ll find everything you need to make your dream come true just like I made mine. 

If you’ve ever thought about turning your passion for Miniatures into an online business, you’re in the right place.

Now is your time, so take a look at the available courses HERE about entrepeneurship and please, keep me updated on how your project is progressing, I’d be super happy to learn how you’re business growing with us. 

Thank you and remember that the best stories are yet to be written and the next one could be yours!

With love,

Bel 😍🤗


Please, take a seat while I tell you everything 😉



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