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Names that Breathe Life

Feb 2024 | Art in Miniature Articles

There’s something magical about giving your creation a name.

For me, It’s more than a mere act; it’s the beginning of a story unfolding in a miniature space.

Imagine you’ve just finished assembling a beautiful dollhouse from a kit. Each room has its personality, every detail is a miniature masterpiece.

But how will you name it?

This is the starting point of a unique and personal adventure.

Names have the ability to evoke emotions, convey stories, and connect people to an object or place. Have you ever noticed how a name can change the way you perceive something?

This is Storytelling in action.

Some tips for choosing the perfect name using Storytelling are:

  1. Reflect the Personality: Consider the personality of your miniature assembly. Is it an elegant Victorian house or a cozy rustic corner? The name should reflect its essence.
  2. Create a Narrative: Imagine who might be the inhabitants of your miniature. What stories could they live there? A name that evokes a narrative can be especially appealing.
  3. Wordplay: Playing with words can be fun and creative. You can incorporate elements related to miniatures or the story you want to tell.
  4. Draw Inspiration from the Real World: Sometimes, names of real places or experiences can be a source of inspiration. Do you have any special memories that fit with your creation?
  5. Feel the Connection: The name should feel like an extension of your creativity. It should resonate with you and the story you want to tell.

For example:

  • Butterfly Haven: A magical refuge for fairies and butterflies that flutter through its garden.
  • Memory Nook: Where every piece of furniture holds a story and every corner guards a secret.
  • Grandfather’s Residence: Inspired by grandfather’s memories, this assembly evokes moments from his childhood.

  Let’s see what you think.

The first name for this room was:

The golden Suite A wonderful miniature room with golden details around it, where white illuminates the room with elegance and the warmth of the golden lamps complete this warm scene.


And now… using Storytelling:

La Suite Dorée At the top of the tower of an old Parisian palace is this haven of elegance and sensitivity, where secrets are whispered by the light of golden lamps and dreams come to life even in miniature.


It seems like it doesn’t matter, but when it comes to taking care of the smallest detail, everything adds up… even the name and the story it evokes in you.

You probably won’t remember what that miniature looked like, which was a round, white room, but I’m almost sure you’ll remember perfectly the round suite in the tower of the old Parisian palace.

Now it’s your turn to create a unique story for your new project or to rename one of your old miniatures.

Let your imagination fly.

The name you choose will be the beginning of a new story, one that you will share with other miniatures enthusiasts and keep the magic alive in your creation.

Have you already named any of your miniature creations using Storytelling?

Share your stories and names in the comments or go to the Art in Miniature HERE and find your next wonderful project to make and named it while you receive it.

Thank you and remember that the small details are where the big differences are found.

With love,

Bel 😍🤗


Please, take a seat while I tell you everything 😉



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